Meet Our Team

Each and every member of our team represents the spirit of PCAU: driven, committed and acutely aware of how important our mission is. We go to great lengths to identify self-starters with diverse experience and skill sets to produce not just an effective staff, but a well rounded, talented and complimentary team.

Management Team


Laurieann Thorpe

Executive Director

Sarah Haley Nitta

Development Director

Ashlee Rodriguez


Rebecca Virgo

Parents as Teachers
Program Administrator

Cortney Bramlette

Community & School-based Program Administrator

Stephanie Tyrrell

Office Manager


School & Community Based Child Abuse Prevention Staff


Makenzie Lock

Lead Education Specialist

Nate Davis

Education Specialist

Ryan Lundy

Education Specialist

Brok Dixon

Education Specialist

Tiffany Krzycki

Education Specialist

Alexis Albertoni

Education Specialist


Parents as Teachers Staff


Dolores Gonzalez

Lead Parent Educator

Jose Santos

Parent Educator

Connor Kubricky

Parent Educator

Kimberly Przybyla

Parent Educator

Melissa Schumacher

Parent Educator

Silvia Francesca Splattstoesser

Parent Educator

Maren Goodsell

Parent Educator

Noelia DeLeon

Parent Educator

Debi Curry

Parent Educator

Champagne Perry

Parent Educator