Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost anything to have Prevent Child Abuse Utah (PCAU) come present?

Absolutely not. We are a nonprofit organization. All of our presentations are free of charge.

Are PCAU student programs presented in an assembly format?

No. Research-based prevention curriculum models demonstrate that children learn child abuse prevention information best in small groups. What makes the PCAU prevention programs so effective?

  • PCAU programs include children as active participants.
  • PCAU programs combine techniques of modeling, group discussion, multiple sessions and role playing.
  • PCAU prevention concepts are age appropriate, which allows for successful cognitive processing by a child.
  • Each program presentation includes developing a safety plan with the child that identifies 3 trusted adults the child would feel comfortable talking to in any situation.

How long are the PCAU school-based prevention program presentations for elementary school age children?

PCAU provides a minimum of 3 Prevention Specialists per school which allows for all students in the school to receive our prevention education in a 2 day time period. The PCAU curricula is based on best-practice models that indicate beginning in 3rd grade, children need 2 consecutive days of training to process and retain the prevention information.

Does the PCAU curricula contain any sexual education?

No. Children are taught that touching sexual abuse involves someone touching their private parts or requiring them to touch someone else’s private parts. “Private parts” are simply described as the parts of the body covered by a swimming suit.

What teaching techniques are used in PCAU’s curricula?

Based on research, a variety of techniques are used involving both active and passive participation. These techniques include lecture, films, discussion, role-play and safety skill practice.

Does a teacher need to be present during student presentations?

Yes. The presence of the teacher allows for presentation evaluation and feedback, as well as the opportunity to reinforce the concepts that the students are learning. Teachers who participate in the prevention education become important advocates not only for the children they work with, but also for the PCAU prevention programs. When a child sees that his/her teacher is involved and committed to the discussion, open and honest lines of communication are created between the child and teacher. This is very important in the event that a child discloses abuse to a teacher.

Does PCAU offer school-based programs for older students?

While our child abuse prevention efforts focus on elementary school age students, we do offer presentations for secondary students including Child Abuse Prevention, Shaken Baby, Healthy Relationships and Bully Prevention.

How do I schedule a presentation?

Please contact our office at 801-393-3366. PCAU is happy to answer any questions and help coordinate presentation delivery.