Prevention Starts at Home

June 8, 2022
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Learning that a child you know has been sexually abused is something no adult wants to experience. Unfortunately, many adults hear this news every day. In fact, 1 in 7 Utah children will be sexually abused before they are 18

Shocking, right? So, what can you do? Here’s a good thing to remember: prevention starts at home which is why we’ve developed a kit carefully tailored for parents. With this 6 week program, you’ll learn how to help kids recognize red flags or grooming behaviors. You’ll also help them identify trusted adults they can report to if they ever feel they’re in danger. Our kit includes lessons on Body Safety, Body Ownership, and Digital Safety. 

Prevention Kits

Prevention can start at home with your own prevention kit!

So, what comes in a prevention kit? Read below to find out!

Family Handbook: A Guide for Preventing Child Abuse: A six-week, step-by-step handbook that guides adults in having conversations with children about how to stay safe and prevent abuse. This guide gives adults the questions to ask and the prevention points to emphasize. It also offers additional resources like online articles, videos, and children’s books to further explore and teach the weekly topics. 

A Safety Saurus Puppet

Children’s Book “Only For Me” by Michelle Derring

Tools and Handouts Including

  • Developmental Sexual Behavior Tool: This tool helps parents understand what sexual behaviors for children are normal for each age group. Additionally, parents can learn which behaviors are not and may warrant a conversation.
  • Family Safety Plan Template: This template helps you and your children establish boundaries. It also helps you hold other adults that interact with your children accountable.
  • The “Handy Safety Plan”: Here children can write down their own personalized safety plan. Help them recognize trusted adults who they can talk with if they need help!
  • Password Keeper: Keeping track of accounts and monitoring children’s online activity is a crucial piece of prevention.
  • Safety Signal Guide: This guide helps adults recognize and remember signs of grooming. Learn how to intervene and stop abuse before it happens.
  • Secrets vs. Surprises: Some things are okay to keep from parents, like a surprise party, but other things aren’t. With this tool, parents can help children understand the differences between secrets and surprises.
  • Swimming Suit Coloring Page: Help your children understand which parts of the body are off-limits for others to touch.
  • The Safety Rules Learning Tool: With these visuals, parents can teach and help children remember how to protect themselves from abuse.

The most important part of prevention is providing children with the tools they need to trust their instincts and talk to adults. Head to our website to purchase your kit and start these conversations. Remember, prevention starts at home. 

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