Awareness Through Education

Keeping Utah's Children Safe

For more than four decades, Prevent Child Abuse Utah has dedicated itself to nurturing the seeds of child protection within the classrooms of Utah's public schools. Utah based and fueled by the spirit of fortifying families, we invite you to stand with us, safeguarding a radiant future for the Beehive State.

Prevent Child Abuse Utah Staff Teaching Students

Our Curriculum

Prevent Child Abuse Utah's Child Abuse and Trafficking Prevention Curriculum is the only one approved for K-6th Grade.
Education Team in Classroom in Davis County Utah

Child Sexual Abuse Prevention in Utah

“As a concerned parent, I sat in while my child was in class during the presentation. It turned out to be the kind of information all children need.”
Education Teams in Classroom in Salt Lake City, Utah

Prevent Child Abuse Utah School Presentations

“They make the sensitive material easily understandable, even at the Kindergarten level.”

How is Utah Doing?

Assessing Utah's Progress: Child Abuse, Child Sexual Abuse, and Their Long-term Financial Impact.

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1 in 7

One in seven Utah children will be sexually abused by age 18.

Someone They Know

91% of the time, children are sexually abused by someone they know and trust.

Economic Impact

It is estimated that the impacts of child sexual abuse cost the state of Utah $1 billion annually.

Perpetrated by Older Children

50% of abuse incidents are perpetrated by older children.

Education is Key

Participation in prevention education halves the likelihood of child sexual abuse.

Govornor Cox

“For every $1 invested in prevention, Utah saves $5.70.” - Governor Spencer Cox

Frequently Asked Questions

We aim to guarantee that our curriculum and overall mission are comprehensible to parents, educators, and all individuals in Utah. Please contact us if more clarification is needed.

SB205 Passed!

The Utah Legislature passed SB205 in the 2024 legislative session.