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Our Mission

Since 1982, the mission of Prevent Child Abuse Utah is to forge and guide a community commitment to prevent child abuse in all forms through programs, services, public awareness, education, public policy development and system partner collaboration.
Leadership team
Board of directors

A Utah Story

Hear how our school program helped protect one Utah family from further abuse.

Prevent Child Abuse Utah is the largest and only nonprofit organization in the state whose funding and energy are fully and completely dedicated to the prevention of child abuse and neglect. At Prevent Child Abuse Utah, we lay the groundwork to deliver the great childhoods that all children deserve. We promote services that improve child well-being and develop programs that help to prevent abuse and neglect before it occurs.

Each year, Prevent Child Abuse Utah educates thousands of children, professionals, parents and the community about how to identify, report and prevent child abuse. Every child deserves to live a happy, healthy life free from abuse.

Leadership Team

Each and every member of our team represents the spirit of Prevent Child Abuse Utah: driven, committed and acutely aware of how important our mission is. We go to great lengths to identify self-starters with diverse experience and skill sets to produce not just an effective staff, but a well rounded, talented and complimentary team.

Laurieann Thorpe, Executive Director
Laurieann ThorpeExecutive Director
(801) 834-3807
Sarah Haley Nitta Philanthropy/ Development Director
Sarah Haley NittaPhilanthropy/ Development Director
(801) 205-3967
Makenzie Lock Education Program Administrator
Makenzie LockEducation Program Administrator
(801) 770-3457
Susanna Eden Home Visiting Administrator PAT/NFP
Susanna EdenHome Visiting Administrator PAT/NFP
(801) 557-2116
Stephanie Tyrrell Office Manager
Stephanie TyrrellOffice Manager
(801) 393-3366
Emma Reichdan Administrative Assistant
Emma ReichdanAdministrative Assistant
(801) 393-3366
Education Team
Emily Sparks Office Manager
Emily SparksEducation Specialist
(801) 872-3230

Nurse-Family Partnership

Danielle Tatton NFP Supervisor
Danielle TattonNFP Supervisor
Parents as Teachers (PAT)
Nate Davis PAT Supervisor
Nate DavisPAT Supervisor
(801) 674-8738
Debi Curry Family Support Educator
Debi CurryFamily Support Educator
(801) 710-5281
Cassie Decker Family Support Educator
Cassie DeckerFamily Support Educator
(801) 872-3230
 Maren Goodsell Family Support Educator
Maren GoodsellFamily Support Educator
(801) 382-7045
Olivia Holland Family Support Educator
Olivia HollandFamily Support Educator
(801) 888-4598
 Amber KappFamily Support Educator
Amber KappFamily Support Educator
(801) 678-1024
Tiffany Krzycki Family Support Educator
Tiffany KrzyckiFamily Support Educator
(801) 382-8995
Delores Gonzales Family Support Educator
Dolores GonzalezFamily Support Educator
Kimberly Pryzbyla Family Support Educator
Kimberly PryzbylaFamily Support Educator
(801) 872-3230
Melissa Schumacher Family Support Educator
Melissa SchumacherFamily Support Educator
(801) 382-7086
Stephanie Wilkinson Office Manager
Stephanie WilkinsonFamily Support Educator
(801) 382-7052
Jose Santos Office Manager
Jose SantosFamily Support Educator
Roxy Zazueta Office Manager
Roxanna ZazuetaFamily Support Educator
Tyler Martin Office Manager
Tyler MartinFamily Support Educator
ShayLyn Niederhauser Office Manager
ShayLyn NiederhauserFamily Support Educator

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