Thank You, Dad!

June 13, 2022
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By Wyatt Welch

I don’t think it’d be right to start off a blog post about Fathers without opening with a classic “Dad Joke.”

When does a joke become a Dad Joke?… 

When it becomes Apparent!

Fatherhood Matters

Not only do fathers have amazing jokes, but they also play an intricate role in a child’s life! Here are some quick facts that show the importance of a father’s presence.

  • Children with involved dads are less likely to be mistreated.
  • Infant death within the first 28 days of life is four times higher for those with absent fathers than those with involved fathers.
  • Involved dads improve their children’s overall emotional and social well-being.
  • Children raised in a father-absent home are more likely to experience behavioral problems.

Father Figures

It’s important to note: A father isn’t always biologically related to a child. “Being a real parent isn’t in the DNA, it’s in the heart.” It can be a step-father, adoptive parent, or another father figure in a child’s life. That’s why we celebrate Father’s day. To celebrate the lives of men, who have made such a great impact on ours!

As Steve Chapman said, “Becoming a dad is one thing – being a dad is many things.” It’s completely true. My dad is one of my heroes and protectors. He may not always have the exact answers, but what he does have is unconditional love and support. That’s what a father figure is supposed to be like right? Someone who loves, supports, and interacts with a child’s life. It’s definitely who I want to be when I become a parent. 

Thank you, Dad!

So this week is our shoutout to those amazing father figures in our lives, and yours. Thank you to the dads who continue to help pick us up and get us back up on our feet. Thank you to the fathers who cheer the loudest for our victories. Thank you to the father figures who meet us with kindness, patience, and understanding. And thank you to those who may not be here with us today, but whose memory lives on in our hearts.

If you are a Dad and would like some additional support click here to find a Parent Educator.