Love Yourself First

February 6, 2023
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This week, I have taken a huge inspiration from someone who loves to embody and teach self love, Lizzo (congratulations on your Grammys queen!). One of my favorite quotes from Lizzo says “I’m all about body positivity and self-love because I believe that we can save the world as we if we first save ourselves.” This means we should love ourselves first!

She is completely correct! How can we expect to love others or take care of the world, if we aren’t offering the same type of love and care to ourselves? On the same page, how can we be loved by someone else if we don’t feel that we deserve or are worthy of it?  Sometimes, we get caught up in the mentality in which we put ourselves last. Most of the time, we don’t even realize that we are doing that. If we find ourselves starting to “burn out” or lack confidence, then we should take a minute and revaluate. In order to help others, “put your own mask on first.”

Building Self-love

It’s important to note: Self-love, isn’t a selfish thing or act. It also can come in many different forms!

  • Setting goals for yourself, and striving to accomplish them.
  • Being patient with yourself, it won’t doesn’t happen over night.
  • Creating boundaries with others.
  • Practice gratitude! Keep a journal or repeat positive affirmations in the morning!
  • Forgive yourself when you make mistakes.

By doing these simple things, we can start to build our self confidence. Even when you are feeling good about yourself, you can still practice! These habits are helpful at your highs, and your lows. 

If you want to start your self love journey, I’d start with our quiz on Prevent Child Abuse Utah’s Instagram. It has questions that will start to get you thinking about yourself, and help you on your journey! You can see the questions here: