Understanding Childhood Development

March 27, 2023
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Understanding childhood development is an important protective factor against child abuse and neglect. When parents understand the stages of development they can recognize and anticipate the social, mental and cognitive milestones of their child. Understanding milestones and building blocks of child development can provide parents with the tools to recognize if and when a child could be struggling in their developmental progress.

Research links healthy child development to effective parenting. Children thrive when parents can provide not only love and attention but respectful communication, consistent rules and safe opportunities. These factors help the child learn and foster their independence.

Why it is Protective?

There are 5 key reasons why understanding child development is essential for positive and effective parenting. Understanding child development helps parents:

  1. Promote healthy development: When parents understand what happens developmentally they can provide nurturing and stage appropriate activities that encourage the growth and development of their child.
  2. Identity development delays: Parents know how to identify any developmental delays that may require early intervention and support which can improve outcomes for child
  3. Improve communication: Understanding your child’s behaviors can improve communication between parent and caregiver and child.  Better communication provides better developmental stages as all involved in caring for the child are equipped with the same understanding.
  4. Build stronger relationships: Understanding child development helps parents better understand the needs and behaviors of their child. This can lead to a stronger relationship built on trust and understanding.
  5. Reduces stress: Understanding developmental stages can reduce stress for parents, caregivers and children. When developmental stages are understood parents are less likely to be stressed or overwhelmed by challenging behavior and unrealistic expectations.

Want to Learn More?

Raising kids is a tough a job! Understanding why your child behaves the way they do can help make it a little easier. If you are interested in learning more about the stages of child development visit this website to read more. You can also click here for a free online course. If you would like support in your parenting journey and understanding how your child develops sign up for one of our home visitation programs!