A Year in Review

May 22, 2023
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The 2022-2023 school year is wrapping up. And what an incredible year it’s been! Thanks to generous donations from our community, Prevent Child Abuse Utah’s Education Team was able to provide child abuse education prevention education to nearly 70 schools and over 20,000  students K-12 across the state of Utah. Our education team offered these presentations at no-cost and within individual classrooms. Our Board-of-Education-approved prevention curricula teaches students how to recognize child abuse and human trafficking, resist grooming behaviors, and seek help from a trusted adult.

We were also fortunate to be able to educate teachers, school faculty, and other adults working with youth to recognize the signs of abuse, receive a disclosure from an abused child, and make a report to the Department of Child and Family Services. We educated over 17,000 parents, faculty and educators and taught them how to recognize and report child abuse. In addition to our abuse prevention programs, The School-Based Prevention Program also provided bullying prevention education to Utah students, helping students to be allies to one another and create a school culture that discourages bullying. We’ve also partnered with the Utah Health Department to provide Teen Dating Violence prevention education to junior high students across Weber, Davis, Carbon, and Emery counties. 

Teacher Reviews

Our Education Specialists LOVE presenting to students. And both students and teachers love our presentations! Take a look at a few comments we’ve received from teachers this year:

“The information was age appropriate and the students could relate. The presenter really had the student’s interest. The student’s really enjoyed this presentation. He was great!”

“These presentations have such perky pace! They’re taught in a way that doesn’t make students uncomfortable. Students know abuse is never their fault. The presentations have real-world, age-appropriate, relatable info and activities.”

“The presenter was super engaging & kept the pace appropriate for kindergarten. They loved the actions with the song. They all enjoyed it & learned something new!”

“The presenter used relatable circumstances, & encouraged a lot of discussion and participation. They used terms the students understood & used visuals. I liked that they provided strategies and tools for the students to resist abuse.”

“The presenter interacted well with students and was very engaged. My students loved this presentation!”

Schedule Today

Keeping children safe is the responsibility of the entire community. Prevention through education provides lifesaving information to students who may be unable to recognize abusive behaviors or know how to get help. It also equips caregivers with the tools they need to support healthy families and report abuse.

If you’re interested in having our Education Team provide this no-cost child abuse prevention education to your school, please contact Emily Sparks at Esparks@pcautah.org, or submit a request via our website at https://pcautah.org/school-and-community/#schedule-school-presentation.

To keep up with our Education Team and our programs follow us on instagram or facebook. We look forward to continuing this important work in the 2023-2024 school year. Please be safe out there and have a great summer!