Free Download: Your Family Safety Plan

July 12, 2023
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Utah Child Abuse Stats

In Utah, 1 in 7 children are sexually abused before the age of 18. 90% of the time, a child knows the person who abuses them. This means that most likely, the parent will know the perpetrator as well.

One in Seven
One in seven Utah children will be sexually abused.

Your Family Safety Plan

Parents and guardians have power in protecting their children from child abuse. Creating a Family Safety Plan will communicate to children that you care about their well-being. By sharing your Family Safety Plan with those that come into your home or that interact with your children everyday, you communicate that you are proactively protecting your children. A Family Safety Plan makes clear the boundaries you have for– and around your children.

Download a free template here.

Safety Plan Template
Keep your family safe with a safety plan

Child Abuse Prevention Kit

Prevent Child Abuse Utah has created a Child Abuse Prevention Kit for Families. The kit guides parents in how to talk to kids about preventing child sexual abuse. There’s practical advice, encouragement, activities, and resources. Included in the kit is the “Family Handbook: A Guide to Preventing Child Abuse”. The handbook answers the questions:. “Why are rules important? Who can we trust? What’s the difference between secrets to tell and secrets to keep? Who owns your body? and How can we stay safe online?” The kit also includes a children’s book, “Only For Me”, a Safety Saurus stuffed pet, and additional tools to assist in teaching your children. Purchase a Child Abuse Prevention Kit for Families here.

Prevention begins at home.
Prevent Child Abuse Utah’s Child Abuse Prevention Kit for Families

You Can Report Abuse

if you witness or suspect child abuse, Utah’s child abuse reporting law gives you the power and permission to call the Child Abuse Reporting Hotline. If you report child abuse, victims receive the resources they need to heal. If you don’t report abuse, victims continue to be harmed and experience additional trauma. It’s the responsibility of all adults to keep children safe and get them the help they need. Don’t assume that a parent, grandparent, neighbor, or clergy is going to report the abuse. Calling the Child Abuse Reporting Hotline, ensures the child will get help as soon as possible. When you report abuse, you prioritize the life and healing of the child. In cases of medical emergencies, call 911.

Utah Child Abuse Reporting Hotline )855) 323-3237
If you witness or suspect child abuse call the reporting hotline (855) 323-3237

Online Course for Adults

Prevent Child Abuse Utah provides an online course for adults who work with children and youth. The course discusses the four types of child abuse, how to recognize the signs of abuse and how to report child abuse. Utah’s Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Law mandates that educators, staff, and administrators in Utah’s K-12 schools complete the course. All adults, no matter their profession, can benefit from knowing how to recognize and report child abuse. You can find the online course here.